Afton Hill Repeats — Tomorrow, May 26 — Be there!

It’s supposed to be 85 degrees tomorrow!  Let’s take advantage of the summer-like weather and ride hill repeats in Afton before the Memorial Day weekend. Bring your friends, plenty of water and your climbing legs.  Let’s have a fantastic night of... read more

Afton Hill Repeats – Tonight, May 19!

 Hi Riders, We had a another fantastic turnout last week (30+ riders).  The weather today looks to be absolutely ideal, the best night of the year so far!  I hope to see you (and your friends) as we continue to practice our climbing.  Quick reminders: Rollout from in... read more

Afton Hill Repeats – Thurs, May 12

Hi Riders, We had a fantastic turnout last week (30+ riders).  Tomorrow promises to be another nice day so I hope to see you and your friends as we all practice our climbing together.  Quick reminders: Rollout from in front of Selma’s at 5:15 sharp (some people... read more

Tandem for sale

One of the riders in our group has a tandem for sale.  The details are listed below.  I can’t answer any questions about it, so I suggest you go to his listing then contact Steve directly.  Here it is: Co-Motion Tandem & Draftmaster Bike Rack For Sale... read more

Hi Riders, The Hill Classic is just around the corner.  Here are bullet point for the event: May 21, 2016.  Fountain City, WI.  Start and end point at The Monarch Public House (Irish Pub) Ride options:  144k (approx 8,000′ vertical) and 100k (approx 5,000′... read more

Afton Hill Repeats. Thursday, May 5

Hi Riders, I’m not going to jinx us by saying the weather looks good tomorrow.  Let’s just hope for the best. Hill Repeats in Afton tomorrow and I hope you can make it, along with your friends.  Everyone is welcome (and all experience levels), and you can... read more

Afton Hill Repeats ** Thurs Apr 28

Hi Riders, The weather for tomorrow’s Afton Hill Ride looks promising.  Cool but dry (as of now).  Plan to join us for a 5:15 roll-out in front of Selma’s Ice Cream.  Pre-ride briefing at 5:10, then on our bikes and riding at 5:15. After the briefing... read more

Tonight’s Afton Hill Ride — CANCELLED

Tonight’s ride in Afton is cancelled due to wet roads and continued rain.  Let’s hope for better luck next week.  See you then! In the meantime, please contact me with any questions. Bob read more

Afton Hill Ride, Thurs, Apr 21

Hi Riders, The weather for tomorrow’s Afton Hill Ride looks promising.  Plan to join us for a 5:15 roll-out in front of Selma’s Ice Cream (which is now open, by the way!). As always, we’ll do a short warmup then ride repeats on the Coulee.  Ride your... read more

Thursday, April 14 Hills in Afton — Mark Your Calendar!!

This Thursday looks to be a fabulous day to kick off our Afton Hill Ride.  Plan to join us! Ride time is 5:15 sharp from in front of Selma’s Ice Cream.  We’ll do a quick warmup then ride repeats on “The Coulee,” which is the absolute best hill... read more

Tonight’s Afton Hill Ride ** Postponed!

I’m postponing tonight’s Afton Hill Repeat ride until next Thursday (Apr 14).  My 3 key goals for this weekly ride include:  Rider Safety Quality Training Positive Experience I’m not so concerned about today’s cold weather, but I am concerned... read more

Thursday, Ap 7 Afton Training Ride Update

Our hill training sessions “officially” begin in Afton tomorrow night (Apr 7) and each Thursday thereafter, through at least May.  We roll out at 5:15 sharp from in front of Selma’s Ice Cream.  Get there early so you’re ready to go. These rides... read more

FREE Training Rides begin Thursday, Apr 7

Our weekly ‘Afton Hill Repeat’ rides begin THIS THURSDAY, April 7.  Join us (and bring a friend)! Rides begin at 5:15pm sharp, in front of Selma’s Ice Cream Parlor in Afton.  There’s on-street parking available as well as a couple parking lots.... read more

The Four Week Countdown

Wow, the MN Ironman Bike Ride is only 4 weeks away! Time moves quickly and the ride is rapidly approaching. Spring (and outdoor riding season) is arriving at just the right time! We want to make sure we’re completely ready when April 24 arrives, so with that in mind... read more

5 Weeks to go

Time marches on. All of a sudden, we only have 5 weeks until the MN Ironman Bike Ride. In addition to “Get Out And Ride!,” the main topic for this week is to “Get your clothing in order!”

If you’ve ridden the MIBR in the past, you know that a huge uncertainty is the weather. And of course, this is one of the charming aspects of the event. Not only do we have to be prepared for the demands of the ride itself, but also for whatever Mother Nature will send our way.

read more

6 Weeks To Go

6 Weeks To Go

There are only 6 training weeks left prior to the MN Ironman Bike Ride. There are no shortcuts to being prepared for the event, so the takeaway message for today is “Get Out And Ride!”

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Spring Indoor Training

Hi riders, I am planning to do indoor sessions at Penn Cycle: Woodbury in March. As much as we all want to get outdoors ASAP, the reality is that: a. We’ll get snow b. The roads will be wet, slushy and/or generally crappy c. Sunset is still pretty early (and it... read more

Plan Your Cycling Season

One your most important off-season activities (non-training, of course) is to plan your season.  Planning your races and events provides your goal, helps keep you motivated and focused in your training. Once you’ve determined the events in which you’ll... read more

Upcoming Event Reminder: THIS SAT, Feb 6, 2016

Quick reminder of the nutrition/supplement Q & A session, discussion and tour that’s taking place this Saturday, Feb 6, at 10:00 am at Life Time Fitness Eagan. Bob Holper, my personal nutrition mentor, and I will be answering all your questions related to... read more

Plan your season, plan your training

We may have received 12″ of snow yesterday, but spring, and our season, is just around the corner.  Registration (or lotteries) for some of our favorite events has just opened up within the past couple weeks.  So as the snow flies, it’s time for us to plan... read more

Start Your Day with this Quick, Easy and Healthy Smoothie

Good morning and Happy Monday! Get the New Year (and your morning) kicked off properly with a healthy, wholesome and satisfying smoothie. There are lots of different ways you can make your smoothie and the possible ingredients in endless.  Here’s an example of... read more

Winter Indoor Training update

Thank you for your amazing outpouring of support.  Thursday training sessions are officially “full.”  This will be an amazing 8 training rides, and I look forward to seeing each of you. If you didn’t register for Thursdays, I still have a few open... read more

Happy New Year!

I wish each of you a very happy and healthy 2016.  Get started on your 2016 plan today, which includes eating properly and training consistently and properly.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you in any way. Have a fabulous... read more

Options for Winter Training

Happy New Year 2015 is nearly history, and what an unbelievable year it was! I hope you achieved all the goals you set for yourself in each area of your life. Let’s start off 2016 on the right foot, then maintain consistent progress throughout the year. No... read more

Winter Indoor Cycling Training is filling FAST!

Hi Riders, Both evenings are filling quickly. As of this morning, Thursday evening is slightly over half full and Monday evening is slightly under half full. So if you have an interest in joining us for indoor cycling training in January and February, don’t... read more

Winter Training 2016

Hi Riders, Winter indoor training begins in just a few short weeks.  I look forward to you joining us in person, but if that’s not possible, I have another option for you to consider.  Here are the details (and I’ll keep this as brief as possible). There... read more

Exciting Times Ahead with TCP!

This is an exciting time for TCP and for you, the cyclist.  In the next couple months you’ll see major changes and improvements; Improvements to the website, improvements to product and service offerings, additional resources and more information, all with the... read more

Indoor Training Program – Fall 2015

Riders: Many of you have committed to our fall indoor training program.  Thank you.  I look forward to seeing each of you.  For those of you who are considering it or who have questions, please don’t hesitate to email me. Here are the details: Thursday evenings... read more

Weekly Newsletter – August 24

Congratulations Congrats go out to Manny Comstock and his wife Becky for putting on such a quality event this past weekend – Manny’s Round Barn Tour. Kudos! Congrats also to Sean Mailen for his 5th place finish in the 150 mile Gravel Worlds race. It sounds... read more

Weekly Newsletter – August 17

Happy Monday! We’re testing out a new email system today (thanks Ben Wilson). Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or issues. 1. The season is beginning to wind down. This past weekend was a big one with the Leadville 100 MTB race. Congrats to... read more

Weekly Newsletter – August 11

Hi Riders, First of all, our wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Tim Bauer, who had a nasty crash at the Dairyland Dare last weekend.  We all know Tim and what a competitor he is.  Undoubtedly he’ll work as hard at recovery as he does in his training. We have... read more

Weekly Newsletter – August 3

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Several of you had races and events this past weekend, many more this coming up this weekend, with even more on the horizon. It’s a busy time of year for endurance athletes!

Here’s what’s included this week:

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How do I train for an early season cycling event or race?

Those of us who live in the northern part of the country ask ourselves this question each season.  Winter comes and our training changes as our outdoor riding comes to a halt. In MN one of our key early season events is the MN Ironman Bike Ride, this year on Sunday,... read more

Top 4 Pedaling Drills

Today I’ll share with you 4 of my favorite drills. 1.  Spin-ups — The purpose of spin-ups is to improve the neuromuscular connection.  Basically, you learn how to pedal quickly and smoothly while your upper body is still.  Pedaling fast while avoiding hip... read more

Why do you ride your bike?

Why do you ride your bike? We each have our own reasons, and probably no two answers are exactly alike. And that’s great.

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Outdoor season begins in MN!!

It’s been a long winter here in MN, long, dark and cold.  But we’re finally seeing a hint of spring outside.  Finally! Our indoor training “officially” ended this past week, and now it’s time to move outdoors and put all the hard work in... read more

The 3 Legs of the Success Stool

In order to be fit, fast and healthy we need to make sure that each of the 3 legs in our Training Stool is in place and solid.  Neglect any of these and we’re out of balance, and our success will suffer as a result. The first leg of the stool is training.  This... read more

Base Training is NOT Easy Training

Traditional thinkng tells you to spend most or all of your off season riding easy, in order to build your aerobic base.  WRONG! Cycling is an aerobic sport.  Cycling is an endurance sport.  However, riding easy all winter does little to prepare you for the demands of... read more

Plan Your Cycling Season

One of the most important activities you can do this off-season is plan the events in which you’ll participate. Whether these events are bike races, challenge rides, hill climbs or century rides, it’s important to plan your season.

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Pactimo in the house

Many thanks to Pactimo for coming out last night, too. They are going to have easy-to-order on-demand kits available for all of you. If you didn’t have a chance to get fit, contact Bob.

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Indoor Training Kick-off Event

Thursday November 6th @ the Woodbury Penn Cycle. Join us to kick off the indoor cycling season the best way. 4:00pm Product Reps exclusively available to you 5:30 – 6:30  FREE Cycling Class with Coach Bob 6:30 – 8:00 Enjoy refreshments & mingle with... read more

Afton Hill Training

Cyclists, MTB riders and triathletes. Hill ride in Afton on Wednesday (weather permitting). Arrive 5:00 and we’ll roll out at 5:15 sharp. Perfect for you Chequamegon racers! Road bikes, MTB, ‘cross and Fat bikes welcome. read more